This is the home to Mike and Jan McCune of Beaverton, OR. Just a randon collection of pictures, files and personal stuff of probably little interest to most people. You can mail me at: mikem AT (this domain).org

2006 -> Today

This website isn't updated anymore. I log stuff going on with me at:




My Window Webcam


Our 2005 Mazda Protege 5 forsale
Narita Family visit


Snow in Oregon
House we are under contract on. Wish us luck!
Our first Oregon rain (yay! - not)
We moved from California to Oregon!
Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, CA
Mom and Dad visit CA
Greg and Lisa's Wedding
Disneyland 2k5
Harley Farms Goat Tour


Safes for sale
Brent and Bob 2004 Golf Tournament
Sold my M3
An example pic of our new car, 2003 Mazda Protege 5 (traded in old BMW wagon)
Grey Album (60megs)
More info here
Snow in Austin!


Nothing exciting to see here yet ...


Seattle Trip 2k2
Why do you hate America so much? (humor)
Our post wedding Getaway (April 2k2)
My Sister's Graduation (May 2k2)
Ofoto Album of Krista's Graduation (May 2k2)
Our official wedding pics!(March 2k2)
Dana's Pics of Our Wedding (March 2k2)
Tracy Morgan on the prank call


My new car: 1995 BMW M3 (May 2k2)
Forsale: Nissan 200SX
Our weekend hauler: 94 BMW 525iT (May 2k1)

Random link collection (pictures of past events):

Austin Pictures ... (Dec 2k0)
We currently live in Austin, TX (Jan 2k1)
WRC Rally Vid (Dec 2k1)
What not to do when you are bored ... (Dec 2k1)

Suds in SPACE!
NEW: Live webcam from our Austin office
My latest obsession, Grand Prix Legends
Y2000 Party!!
Random Monterey Trip
My previous :-( car, a 2000 Audi S4
Trip to Muir woods
Party at Tony's house
Honda of Milpitas Event
Carmel Trip
Karting Trip
Kevin's Graduation Party
Brent and Bob Invitational 2000
Monterey Historics 2000
European Vacation 2000
Corinnes BDay 2000
Party for Angami
Final get together for Angami at Ben's house
Austin Pictures ...
New Years Party for 2001
Snow Day at my old house
Latest house pics plus a LIGHTNING STRIKE in our yard!

Romeo And Juliet
Sucks to be this guy! (crash video, 6megs)
All your suds are belong to us!

Road to Tyranny

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